In recent years Advokatfirmaet RIISA have been voted by our peers as Norway’s leading law firm within insurance law, and our lawyers have topped polls of the country’s leading lawyers within the field.

Specialists in the Insurance Contract Act

Broadly speaking, insurance law comprises the rules of law that regulate insurance companies’ activities. The contract relationship between insurance customers and insurance companies is regulated by the Insurance Contracts Act and is mandatory in the customer relationship.

Advokatfirmaet RIISA has particular competence in the Insurance Contracts Act, both relating to property and personal insurances. We can help with, among other things, product development, the construction of terms and conditions, claims settlement and legal process, audits and general specialist advice in cases relating to the Insurance Contracts Law. Our lawyers also deliver guidance within this field.

Our lawyers have long experience in claims settlement under both collective and individual personal accident insurance, and we can provide support with settlement of disability insurance, illness insurance and life insurance, amongst others. We are also experienced in a range of personal insurances, licence insurance, accident insurance and elsewhere.

In the field of property insurance, we have experience with handling of a wide range of products ranging from liability insurance, legal expenses insurance and home and contents insurance to travel insurance, motor insurance and yacht insurance. In addition to claims handling we also support legal process, product development and the construction of terms and conditions.

Fraud at policy inception and claim settlement 

Fraud such as misrepresentation at policy inception and claim settlement has become an important area of focus for insurance companies in recent years. An increased focus on fraud contributes to fewer incorrect payments and at the same time acts as an effective preventive measure.

We have colleagues with long experience in fraud cases and extensive competence in the Insurance Contracts Act (FAL) regulations for notification of claim, objections, reduction of compensation and termination. With our experience we are also familiar with the special considerations that come to the fore in fraud cases. Our lawyers have pleaded a number of cases in the courts with alleged fraud in connection with both policy inception and claim settlement.