We always seek the best solutions for our clients. In the utmost consequence this may lead to the case being resolved through the courts. Our lawyers have extensive experience pleading cases before the courts.

Lawyers with experience in litigation

Advokatfirmaet RIISA has extensive experience of legal process at the District Courts, Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court, and several of our lawyers are admitted to the Supreme Court. Through the past 30 years our lawyers have pleaded in a number of cases of principle in tort law and insurance law.

Each year our lawyers conduct a large number of cases before all courts of law, and we are engaged by a number of large Norwegian and international insurance companies to handle cases on their behalf.
We also conduct cases within a number of other fields of law, and amongst others are specialised in property law, company law and employment law. We accept both small and large litigation engagements for both businesses and private individuals. Additionally, we are engaged by the Norwegian state.

Arbitration and conciliation

The majority of cases are resolved outside the courts. Our lawyers always strive to find the best solutions for their clients, and in our experience good solutions can be reached in many instances through negotiation or arbitration.

Advokatfirmaet RIISA can help with negotiations, both in and outside the courts. Our lawyers have long experience in reaching the best solutions in each case. We also help with support in negotiations, and in that manner can assist you in achieving the best solution without actively taking part in the negotiations ourselves.